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The knowledge of Pytorch is one of the most important skills on the path to become a Data Scientist most especially when working on Neural Networks and Deep Learning projects.

What is Pytorch?

PyTorch is a Python library with a wide variety of functions and operations, mostly used for deep learning. One of the most basic yet important parts of PyTorch is the ability to create Tensors. A tensor is a number, vector, matrix, or any n-dimensional array.

Someone once ask me ‘why not use numpy arrays instead?’

For Deep Learning, we would need to compute the derivative of elements…

The image is gotten from my model

How perfect are you when it comes to Identifying species of flowers? In this article I have built a deep learning model with PyTorch to Identify the specie of some flowers with very high accuracy. I got the Dataset I used in this work from Kaggle.

Let’s begin by importing the necessary libraries

Like I said earlier the dataset was downloaded from ( It contains 4242 images of flowers, The pictures are divided into five classes(species): daisy, tulip, rose, sunflower, dandelion. For each class there are about 800 photos. Photos are not high resolution, about 320x240 pixels. …

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